Heart Necklace – break To use שרשרת לב – שבור לפני השימוש

Show your love in a unique way! Our ceramic heart necklace is a statement piece that garners an unexpected element of fun: you must snap it “broken” to make it wearable.
That’s right, Break it once, wear it forever! When you first get this enchanting necklace it is a small sculpture that looks like tiny wings. Only by snapping it in the middle and pulling out the hidden chain, you turn it into a wearable piece of jewelry. The action of breaking creates your own, unique bijou. 

How to use:
Hold the ceramic pendant with both hands and snap in the middle. It will easily break in the proper area. Pull out the hidden chain and connect the two halves of the heart through incorporated magnets around your neck.


שרשרת לב מקרמיקה. הלקוח צריך לשבור את התליון לשניים, שרשרת זהב “תישפך” החוצה מתוך שני החצאים ושני החצאים יתחברו זה אל זה על ידי מגנט לצורת לב.


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